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Spot Cleaning Tips



Use a clean white, absorbent terry towel.

Blot or tamp the spot.

Pre-test the carpet in an inconspicuous area.

Apply cleaner to the towel.

Clean with modest amounts of cleaning solution.

Remove the stain as soon as it is noticed.

Remove the dirty excess before cleaning.

Use cleaning compounds at lukewarm temperature.




Use a dirty colored rag

Rub, brush, or scrape the spot using force.

Clean the stain from side to side.


Six Sure Ways to Set Stains & Damage Carpet

1.  Saturate the carpet with cleaning compounds.

2.  Apply heat to the stain.

3.  Vigorously scrub the stain.

4.  Leave the stain until later.

5.  Not remove any dried excess prior to cleaning.

6.  Not pre-test the carpet or stain.

These are just sugested ways to spot clean.  Stains can always be made lighter but not always removed.  If you have tried the DO methods of spot cleaning and stain is still there, then please call me, a trained professional as soon as possible. 

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